6 Quick Tips on Making Social Media Your Friend pt.2

6 Quick Tips on Making Social Media Your Friend pt.2

Brandon Estrella
Allison Morris | November 29, 2016

We hope you had a chance to catch our first 3 tips on making Social Media your friend. If not, check out tips 1-3 of 6 practical tips that will help you strengthen your SM presence and build a larger following. More followers = larger client retention and word of mouth referrals! Now, let’s get to tips 4-6.

Tip 4: Utilize Content Marketing (CM)

CM is a strategic marketing method that provides relevant and helpful information in a simple, creative and attractive way.

The picture on the right is an example of CM. Remember, the goal of using SM isn’t to snag a quick sale, but to keep people interested in your posts. To think of you when they’re ready to buy/book a service.

Now don’t get overwhelmed, creating CM pieces is simpler than you think. Just follow these steps:

  • Take 5 minutes and jot down a list of valuable information your experience in your field has taught you.
  • Go to a site or download an app that allows you to create SM specific marketing pieces (we personally love Over for smart phones and Pagemodo or Canva on the web). These sites require no graphic design experience and offer several options for free or very low cost backgrounds.
  • Choose a background for your SM CM piece (can also be an image you already own and simply upload).
  • Add just ONE tip/point of information from the list you created.
  • Make sure to include your logo on each CM piece you create in case somebody pins/shares a particularly great image you create.
  • Download the CM piece and post away!

If you carve out a consistent amount of time to create these every week, you’ll soon have a full CM library that you can post from regularly (wait 2-4 weeks before reposting the same thing).

Tip 5: The magic number of posts per week.

There are numerous blogs/articles/studies on this topic and the best advice we can give is to try different times of day and frequency of posts until you determine the magic number for your specific demographic of followers/friends. To get you started here is what we’ve determined to work best from the research we’ve done and looking at our own post activity:

Facebook: 1-2 times per day, no more than 10 posts per week. The difficulty with FB that has a lot of businesses pulling their hair out is the limited exposure. Of all SM platforms, FB restricts business posts the most, allowing business posts to organically reach at most close to 10% of followers. The more likes businesses consistently get on posts, the more exposure FB gives future posts. Just another reason to make sure you keep tips 2-3 in mind!

Instagram: Post away! 2-3 posts a day consistently. IG has yet to implement regulations as severe as FB, but studies show that IG users don’t look too far back on their feed. By incorporating solid, consistent posts in your SM plan you remain on followers’ radar.

Twitter: 3+ tweets a day. Studies show that while engagement drops after 3 tweets, overall retweets and fan volume increases with every tweet.

Google+: 2 times per day, no more than 7-10 posts per week.

Tip 6: Bonus tips for extending your social network reach.

We’ll keep this short and sweet. Try a few of these methods and see your social network grow: Search relevant hashtags and like 3-4 posts of people you find; chances are they’ll start following you.

Take a little time and comment on other people’s posts to increase engagement on your posts. Think of it like a give and take relationship – you show interest in people’s posts and they’ll show interest in yours.

Like pages in your industry and actively engage with their posts. It’s likely they’ll follow your page, engage in your posts and their friends will be notified of their activity.

Brandon Estrella
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